Being Pro-Choice for Life

There are many controversial issues in life that divide our culture. Sometimes, they are important matters worth fighting for, and sometimes they are not. Yet here we are, day by day, running around leaving comments on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and poking our fingers in the faces of people we see at the mall trying to prove that our way is best.

But is it?

I’ll admit that my title is a bit tricky. I actually have no plans to discuss Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice here today in the way you’re probably expecting, but rather how some things we choose are important enough to choose not just for today, or this week, or this month – but for life.

When I finally realized what God had orchestrated in my life, I decided it was good for me, and I chose it. I don’t take this choice lightly.

I choose to love.

I choose to forgive.

I choose to be kind.

I choose to do these things, and many more — for life.

I choose Carol, my future wife — for life.

It was interesting, the thoughts in my mind, when I first chose her. There was a flurry of mental battles, waging war against each other, debating the risks of being “stuck” with someone forever, knowing their imperfections, their faults, their little ticks that might be annoying sometimes — while the benefits of companionship, support, admiration, friendship, and of course, intimacy, race ahead for their place. Yet somehow, amid the smoke and noise of war in my mind, there’s a remarkable peace and calm. There’s an inner voice, my sub-conscious, my spirit, guided by the Holy Spirit, telling me, “Hey, I’ve got this. Let me have your worries, give me your burdens, lay your cares at my feet. I will give you rest. I will carry you. I will guide you.”

“God, I don’t want to screw this up!” I plead.

God spoke, “Sleep peacefully. I am awake.”

The battle ceased – the war over – the victor standing in the smoke as it clears, hands raised, feet caked in mud. The choice is clear. Jesus has done so much for me, how can I not do those things for my future wife?

Jesus chose me, I can choose her.

Jesus forgave me, I can forgive her.

Jesus is kind to me, I can be kind to her.

Jesus loves me unconditionally, I can (*swallowing pride*) love her unconditionally.

For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

What better way to be His hands and His feet, than to start at home?

What fears do you have about marriage? What advice would you give yourself before you got married, knowing what you know now?


Love God, love others, love yourself,