Communication is key. Also talking.

As we are taking time out of our evening to complete some homework for our marriage counselling, we are discussing (and re-discussing) the things that we have observed in other relationships and marriages, and (pun intended) for better or for worse, deciding and talking about what we liked or disliked about them.

One thing is abundantly clear. The people we see succeeding – communicate. The ones who have trouble – have room for improvement. Well, I mean we ALL have room for improvement, but there is definitely a difference between the ones we see thriving and those we see surviving.

The funny thing is that not all of communication is talking. Some of it is non-verbal; facial expressions, body language, and the like. You say a lot without words, and the scary thing (at least for me) is that many times what’s said without words is either TOO accurate or not accurate at all.

Sometimes, I don’t want to show that I’m upset, because I want to not be upset at whatever occurred. Sometimes, I look upset and I’m really not at all. It’s just a lack of any emotion on my face.

Silly humans. We’re all weird, aren’t we?

Over at Eastland, our pastor taught about choosing happiness yesterday. Wouldn’t that be great? Just to choose to be happy? Well, I got good news and bad news — good news is, you can! Bad news? It’s all your fault if you don’t!

So choose it – choose happiness. Help a friend choose it, too, by smiling and showing your inner joy.

Love God, love others, love yourself,

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