God is Good

God has put some really good people in my life.

It’s refreshing to see how He orchestrates things and pulls your thoughts toward Him and toward specific ideas day after day, weaving together the fibers of different conversations and creating a special blanket of love, hope, and grace to cover my shortcomings. To see Him answer prayers that no one else knew that I prayed, in a way that proves His reality.

In the roller coaster journey of life, He is there to pull on the seat belt, check the safety bars, and assures me that I can trust Him not to let me fall out.

I’ll be better for it all on the other side.

What’s amazing is that while I dislike hardship, I can always look back and see how God uniquely prepared me for the journey. It has become quite apparent to me in a couple areas that things are not going to be easy – and I keep wanting them to be easy, and trying to make them easy, however it ultimately only causes more frustration for me. When I decide to chill out, keep my head down (in a ‘working hard,’ not ‘depressed’ sense) and I hand over my worries to God, he begins to clear the thickets and let me see a little bit further ahead and helps me be at peace with what I cannot see.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to surround myself with people who are encouraging, and blessed by a God that shows himself strong every time I give Him control.

I’ve been doing some of my “blogging” or journalling offline in a little red journal. I decided that there were some things I needed to say, but I didn’t need to share right now, or didn’t need to share with the whole Internet. From time to time, I might translate some of those things into a format that’s good for this audience.

I like being transparent from time to time, liberating myself from secrets, making myself vulnerable, and sharing my life as an example of what God can do with imperfection.

For now, let me just remind you of this:

Be good to yourself and pay it forward. Write yourself a note of encouragement. Keep it near your list of goals. Those two will get along just fine – trust me.

God is so good. My life isn’t perfect, and I’m not always on some emotional high. However, I’m learning how to deal with the lows better, by understanding and submitting myself to their purpose.

This has been a good start to 2017 — and some of my favorite people, friends and family, are in it. Thank you, all of you, for your part. My cup runneth over. I just thought you should know.

Love God, love others, love yourself,

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